Edit a Catalog via File Upload

Grab & Go on how to edit or add internal catalog items through the upload of a Master or supplemental file. 

Also see Direct Item Update. 

Add new items, update item details, prices, approvers, groups, etc. 



      1. Locate the catalog in the ‘Live’ column and select the gear icon. 
        • Editing a ‘Live Catalog will create a new version in ‘Working’ 
        • Updates will not disrupt shopping in current ‘Live’ Catalog 
      2. Select ‘Edit.’ 
      3. Upload the saved file under ‘Catalog File.’
      4. Under ‘Additional’ section - Select: 
        • ‘Merge & Update: *Default Setting. Select if file only includes the new or updated items. These items would then be merged with the Master List of items for that catalog. 
        • Overwrite All: Upload Master Template with all items including new or updated ones. CECFU02.jpg
      5. If changes require approval, all Approvers assigned to the catalog will receive email notification of the change. 
        • Administrators can bypass approval workflow and approve changes. 
          • If manually approved by the administrator, the Publish Confirmation screen will prompt users to select ‘Publish’ Any shoppers with items affected by the update in their shopping cart will not be able to purchase those items. They must remove the items & re-added to their cart




The most recent changes made to the catalog can be viewed in the Change Report. The change report will not be accessible until 5-10 minutes after changes have been made. 

      1. Locate the catalog, select the gear icon and ‘Change Report’.
      2. The report can be retrieved from the ‘Announcements’ section on your Catalog homepage. CECFU05.jpg
      3. Download & View Report:
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