Add a Supplier

Grab & Go on the configuration of a new Supplier in Vroozi Catalog/Marketplace.

Navigate to the Suppliers tab and select ‘Create Supplier.’



Depending on your organization’s Integration, your Suppliers may be created outside of Vroozi. In this case, you would return to the Supplier Record in Vroozi to update a few key details. These details are underlined below. 

      1. Complete the Company Information 
        1. Unique Supplier ID - Generated at the top. All areas marked with a red asterisk* are mandatory fields. 
        2. Default Supplier ID - Confirm number from your ERP system 
        3. DUNS Number - 9 digit ID number for the physical location of the business. This is optional. 
        4. State, City, Zip are mandatory if the USA is selected as a Country.
      2. Default Preferences: Update using the drop down menus. 
      3. Upload Logo:  Using an image from your computer upload a logo to be associated with the supplier PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF images are supported and will be resized automatically. CAS02.png
      4. Supplier ID Field & Number:  Enter from your ERP system. 
      5. Unique System ID:  Generated while creating the System Definition in the Company Settings screen. This is a required field.
      6. Supplier Configuration
        • Minimum Order Value - Defined by supplier. Shoppers will not be able to checkout an item if the total amount is less than the amount specified here.
        • Non Catalog and/or Catalog Supplier - Check the boxes based on the type of catalog.
        • Single Source Supplier - If checked an order from this supplier cannot be combined with another supplier. At the shopping cart level, Requesters who attempt to mix suppliers with a single source supplier will be asked to create separate requests.
        • Include in Supplier Card - Refers to the supplier widgets on the Shopper Homepage. As long as this checkbox is checked, this supplier will be visible in the assigned shopper’s view. Without the card, your shoppers can still search for and retrieve the supplier’s content via the search bar. 
        • Disable Browse - Unchecking this box will hide the Browse link in the Supplier’ Card. When a supplier’s card displays the Browse link, users can click to access the internal catalog content. If this box is unchecked, Shoppers will still be able to search for this content using the search bar but cannot click to view the entire catalog from the catalog tile.. (Only applies to Internal Catalogs)
        • Currency Code - Select for your organization. 
      7. Save
        • Navigate back to the center of the supplier record to Save. 
      8. Company Attributes:  Suppliers can be ranked higher or lower in the search results for Shopper.
        • Adjust the attribute weight accordingly by inputting the appropriate weighting factor in the box to the right of the checked attribute. The higher the number, the higher the supplier’s product will be placed in a shopper’s search results.
      9. Add or Create Content Views for this supplier. Without assignment to content views your users will not have access to the supplier. 
      10. Approvers:  can be assigned to all catalogs associated with this supplier at this time. These Approvers will be notified when changes are made to this catalog.
      11. Supplier Users:  can be created from this page, and is optional. These Supplier Users can load and manage supplier content that an Administrator has defined. 
      12. Save
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