Supplier "Self Service" Enablement

Grab & Go covering how to enable Supplier access to update their catalog content.


From the Supplier’s record in Vroozi Catalog; add a ‘Supplier User’.


  1. First and Last name of the employee you are granting access to.
  2. Email address for employee
  3. Create the password you’d like the employee to use for their initial login.
    • Passwords must be alphanumeric and 8 characters long.
  4. Leave box ‘Send Invitation Email’ unchecked.
    • Instead, send the Supplier user their credentials via your company email. Providing both the username and password. 
    • Include the url:
  5. Save the supplier user’s record on the Supplier's record
    • The supplier user will then receive their registration email and may begin making updates.

Best Practice:

Before inviting supplier users to Vroozi Catalog we encourage you to review your internal catalog approval process. 

  1. Define approvers for each catalog. All existing and new catalogs should be assigned approvers. Creation of Approvers would be completed in the Company Users field. 
    • Once created, Approvers can be selected from a drop down menu. 
    • If multiple approvers are assigned, approval is complete after one (1) approver has reviewed the changes. 
  2. Review your Catalog Approval Thresholds. Found under Settings -> Company Settings -> Approval Workflow. Here you can determine what changes trigger Catalog Approvers review before they go live.

Tip: To help get them started, provide your invited supplier users with the Supplier How To: Self Service Workflows.

Download and share the full Grab & Go.


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