Resolve Internal Catalog Errors

    1. Error: Missing Required Fields
      Explanation: None of the mandatory fields should be missing
      Resolution: All required fields in the catalog excel sheet must present i.e, #ItemNumber, NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION/NEW_ITEM-MATNR, NEW_ITEM-VENDORMAT, PRICE_EDITABLE , NEW_ITEM-CURRENCY
    2. Error: Column Header does not match
      Explanation: The given column header does not match the System header
      Resolution: There should be no spelling mistake or any error in the header names.
    3. Error: Unknown column header is used
      Explanation: Column header does not follow the proper Syntax
      Resolution: Column headers must follow the proper syntax as per the catalog template file and should be of the same name. Random headers are not allowed
    4. Error: NEW_ITEM-PRICE Format Issue
      Explanation: Field does not match the required format
      Resolution: Must be Floating number with up to 4 digit decimal value at max.
    5. Error: NEW_ITEM-PRICE Format Issue
      Explanation: Field does not match the required format
      Resolution: Currency sign (e.g. "$") is not allowed with the price column.
    6. Error: Skipped columns
      Explanation: Columns are skipped in between the catalog
      Resolution: There should be no empty columns in between the catalog
    7. Error: Custom field (if specified) is of unknown type
      Explanation: Custom Field header does not follow the known type proper syntax
      Resolution: The name of the custom field must be in proper syntax i.e. [Name of the Field (Type)] Type should be either of the one options: Fixed, List, Text, MediumText, LargeText, Flag 
    8. Error: Item not being Flagged
      Explanation: On the shopper view item doesn't show as flagged
      Resolution: A FLAG icon must be associated to the Flag in the Custom field settings
    9. Error: Maximum number of allowed custom fields are exceeded
      Explanation: Custom Field count exceeds from the limit
      Resolution: Total custom field count should not exceed 20
    10. Error: Duplicates
      Resolution: Highlights the duplicates, however, first record does get inserted in the  system skipping the following item records. Either one of these values must  be unique for different records.


Grab & Go outlining common errors and resolutions for internal catalog creation.

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