File Transfer Protocol

Grab & Go document to walk you through the what, why and how of FTP. 

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network. It facilitates the parties to transfer heavy files with much convenience and in a secured environment. 

In VROOZI, we use FileZilla Client as our FTP solution. FTP users may authenticate themselves using a username and password scheme for granting access. 

If the supplier already has their FTP account, they share the credential details with us. Otherwise, our technical team creates a new designated account for that particular supplier and we share the credential information with them so that they can upload their catalogs. 

The content team receives an email every time a new catalog is loaded by the supplier on the server. The team then logs in and extracts that catalog and uploads it on the client’s account. 

      1. Download and open the FTP tool via Filezilla. Right side of the account is the remote server site (external supplier) whereas, the left side shows the local site (personal system).
      2. Go to the File drop-down option and click “Site Manager”
      3. Please use the provided credentials to login to the supplier’s account.
      4. Once connected, there will be two folders – production and test. Supplier sends the test files to the test folder, and the files which are meant to go live on production are given in the production folder.
      5. The file will start to download in your system either by double clicking or by right clicking and selecting the “Download” option. The user can navigate and choose the desired folder (from the left local site) where he/she wants the file to be downloaded on his/her own system.
      6. The file transfer status can be seen at the bottom queue of FileZilla.

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