Add cXML Transmissions

The Vroozi system can recognize and define multiple inbound and outbound cXML transmissions from a single supplier, enabling the editing or adding of supplier communication types in the supplier’s cXML transmission records.


Inbound (from the supplier)

      • Invoice/Memo
      • PO Acknowledgement
      • PO Confirmation/Dispute
      • Advanced Shipping Notice

Outbound (to the Supplier)

      • POs

Part 1: Add or Edit a cXML Transmission Type 

Click ‘View’ to edit or view credentials for the listed supplier. 

      • Supplier:  Non-editable field 
      • Document Type:  Select type of document being edited or added. 


All other required details should be obtained and confirmed from the supplier. Sample cXML transmissions templates may be requested by the supplier. Downloadable copies are available from the cXML Setup view.

Part 2: Enable Transmissions on the Supplier Record

Navigate to the ‘Basic Info’ tab in the Supplier’s record. 

PO Enablement: 

The ‘Output Method’ must be set to ‘cXML’. 

While it is not required, we recommend entering an email address in the ‘Send PO Alerts’ field. This ensures a supplier contact/alias receives an email notification each time a cXML transmission is sent from the Vroozi system. 

Additional Transmissions:

      1. PO Acknowledgement
      2. PO Confirmation/Dispute
      3. Advanced Shipping Notice
      4. Invoice/Memo


Depending on the transmission type added, select the appropriate corresponding toggle .

For example, if you entered the transmission credentials for cXML Confirm/Dispute in Part 1, toggle on ‘Allow cXML PO Confirmation’. By default this and all transmission toggles will be set to Off.

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