Communicate within a Document


The ‘Comments’ tool allows teams to centralize their communication. Comments are available on any procurement document from Submitted Requisitions through to Invoices and Memos. 


Add Comments

From within a document, the ‘Comment’ icon can be accessed at the top of the Right Action Icons. Here all users within the customer environment (and suppliers if using the supplier portal) can communicate with one another. When a new comment is added, those comments will live within the document throughout it’s history. Any users tagged in the communication will receive email notification of the comment.  


  1. After selecting the conversation bubble, the ‘Comments’ view will expand, allowing users to ‘Add comment’.
  2. Comments will be viewable by all users with access to the document. To specifically notify a user(s), type @ to retrieve a list of users to tag in the comment. Once the comment is saved, a the communication will remain in the document history. 
  3. Any user(s) tagged will receive an email notification of a ‘Comment’. 
  4. A user can also respond or take action against the document by clicking on the “Respond in Vroozi” button from the email. 
  5. Once sent, all comments remain within the document; creating a virtual file cabinet for any issues, questions or comments that may arise.


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