Create a Requisition

Create a Purchase Requisition:

Once Shopping is complete, convert your Shopping Cart to a Requisition.

On the Requisition Draft, review or complete the following Requisition fields:

  1. *Request Name:  Defaults to the shopper’s name and the Requisition Number—it is optional, but recommended, to input more specific information about the Requisition, i.e. “monthly office supply order,” a project reference, or vendor name(s). 
  2. *Requester:  Defaults to the shopper’s name. If buying on behalf of someone else, the actual Requisitioner’s name should be entered. Approvers will be able to see that you have placed the Requisition on that person’s behalf.
  3. *Shipping Address:  Verify address details or remove address name to add a different pre-approved address
  4. Reason for Request:  Optional Field
  5. Approval Group:  Select group (if applicable)
  6. *Line Item Overview:  Click the hyperlinked line item description to view product details and view or edit the company and accounting default settings. No action is necessary unless an error message indicates missing information at the line item level. 
  7. Approver Notes:  Add a message to your Approver(s) (optional)
  8. Supplier Notes:  Add notes for the supplier once the PR converts to a PO (optional)

*Indicates information carried over to the Requisition draft from the shopper's default settings. 


Next Steps:  Delete, Save or Submit

Download the Grab & Go for further details.

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