Setup AP Inbox Notifications

Keep your team informed of any AP Inbox document failures!



Configure who should be notified in the event a document fails to reach your AP Inbox.  

Located in Accounts Payable->Preferences, select one or multiple users with any of the following roles to receive these notifications. 


      • Administrators (including the current user)
      • AP Managers
      • AP Processors



When an invoice failure occurs, the AP Inbox (Hopper) view will display an error message. 

Recipients defined above will receive two (2) types of notifications every 24 hours until the failure(s) is resolved. 


      1. Inbox Failure Notification:  Sent immediately upon system recognition of the failure. 
      2. Hopper Error Report:  Sent daily until no failures occur within a 24 hour period.



See our Troubleshooting AP inbox Failures document for failures causes and resolution steps.

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