Invoice and Memo Statuses

Overview of AP statuses 


Approve Invoices and Memos 

Repository for each AP Processor to access their assigned invoices. 

      • Pending: Document indexing has been completed by AP Processor and is now awaiting approval before Posting can be completed. 
      • Approved: Document has been auto approved or approved by designated AP Approvers through a defined workflow. 
      • Rejected: Document was rejected and sent back to AP Processor for review. 


Track Invoices and Memos 

Repository of Purchase Orders from all requesters at various stages of processing. 

      • All: Repository for documents processed by all AP users 
      • Overdue: Payment is past due 
      • Exception: Undergoing AP Exception Handling 
      • Draft: AP has begun processing but not yet assigned a destination for the document 
      • Parked: Held for processing 
      • Pending: Awaiting approval 
      • Approved: Document processed 
      • Rejected: Rejected and sent back to invoice creator for reconciliation 
      • Posted: Vroozi AP Processing is complete and sent to external service to facilitate posting.


Approve Requests

Repository of Purchase Requests forwarded to an AP Approver via the Approval workflow designed by an organization’s Vroozi Administrator. 

      • Pending: Awaiting approval 
      • Approved: Via auto approval or a workflow approval process 
      • Rejected: Returned back to requester for changes
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