Create an AP Custom Workflow

There are 3 outcomes which can be accomplished through the creation of an AP Custom Workflow. 


      1. Approval Workflow:  Define the individuals responsible for approving applicable invoices before they are submitted for posting. 
      2. Coding Workflow:  Define the individuals responsible for invoice coding review.
      3. Invoice Routing:  Assign routing of invoices to specific AP Processor(s) based on the defined hopper, company code, Plant Code(s) and Cost Center(s).
        • Use of Plant Codes is not required for the creation of an AP Workflow. 
        • Only applies to cXML and Supplier Portal Invoices 
        • AP Managers will still see all invoices


Workflow Requirements

      • Each Workflow must be assigned to a specific approval group, requiring the creation of an approval group before the workflow can be saved. 
      • Each Workflow must be assigned to a specific company code, one or more Plant codes and one or more cost centers.

Create an Approval Group

One or more Approvers may be selected from the drop-down list of users with the  AP Approver assignment. (shown below)


      • Approval order follows the order as names are entered in the Approvers field (shown above)
        • Example: First Carol Tester approves, then invoice will be sent to Jeffrey Approver. After which time the invoice approval process is complete. 

Approval Workflow

Utilize Workflow functionality with Approvals

Setup Requirements

      • In Accounts Payable >Settings >Preferences toggle off AP Document Approval settings. (shown above) 
      • Assign users with the role AP Approver and permission.
      • Complete all Approval Workflow details and select a pre existing Approval Group to plug into the workflow.

Utilize other aspects of Workflow functionality without triggering an Approval Workflow.

Setup Requirements:

      • In Accounts Payable >Settings >Preferences toggle on ‘AP Document Approvals’ This will bypass any approval groups created in Custom Workflow.
      •  If applicable, toggle on non-PO based and memos settings.


Coding Workflow Options

Utilize Workflow functionality with specific users assigned as AP Coders. 


Setup Requirements

      • Assign specific Accounts Payable users with ‘Code AP documents’ permission. 
      • In the ‘AP Coder’ field select one or more users with the AP coding permission. 

Utilize Workflow functionality without assigning coding responsibilities to team members outside of AP Processors:


Setup Requirements

      • Add ‘Code AP Documents’ permission to each applicable AP Processor role.
      • Enter AP Processors as AP Coders in the Workflow template. (shown below)
      • Train your AP Processors not to use Coding as an Invoice destination.  


Invoice Routing

Setup Requirements

      • Review use of Accounting Segments.
      • The segregation of invoices does not require more than 1 hopper, instead through workflow routing, invoices are sent to the designated AP Processor(s) based on the plant code, company code and cost center coded to the line items. 
      • Routing will require the creation of multiple workflows, with different accounting segments and AP Processors. The Coders and Approvers can be specified for each as needed. 
      • In Master Data >Users, ensure each Requester’s default Requisition settings reflect the correct Company Code, Plant Code(s) and Cost Center(s). 


Note: If items in an invoice have accounting segments that route to more than one AP Processor, the invoice will be sent to each AP Processor, whoever opens it first will process the invoice. The first AP Processor can still choose to complete their review and assign to another if needed.


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