Troubleshooting AP Inbox Failures

Find out why an inbox failure has occurred and what you can do. This documentation only pertains to invoices and credit memos submitted via email to a customer’s AP Inbox.


Failure Causes and What to do Next

Failures will occur when one or more of the following requirements have failed to be met. Every document submitted via email must fulfill all of the following criteria in order for Vroozi to accept it. 

The document(s) must be one of the following formats: pdf, docx, doc, xlsx, xls, jpeg, jpg, tif , tiff, png, or bmp

      • Contact the document sender (supplier) and confirm that the requirements must be met. Ask them to resend an updated copy that meets the requirements. 

The Document must be 25 MB or less. 

      • Reach out to the Supplier to confirm document size must be 25 MB or less. Ask them to follow these requirements and resend. OR
      • Split the document into smaller groups of sub documents yourself.

Transactional documents must be attached as standard attachments.

      • Suppliers must send documents as readable, downloadable attachments.  The Inbox does not support transactional documents shared as hyperlinks to a repository such as Google Drive, OneDrive etc. 

Please contact Vroozi Support if the recommended course of action does not yield a positive outcome or if you have any questions.

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