Approver Settings FAQs

This Grab & Go covers when to use the various approval settings available to financial approvers. 

Alternate Approver

Essentially  acts a “clone” of the original approver

  • Receives the same email notifications and can perform the same actions as the original
  • “Inherits” the same attributes as the original, including approval levels and next approver
  • Requisition and approval status show up in both user’s approval queues

When to Use:

  • A long-term “back-up” or “second contact” for approvals
  • Coverage for unplanned availability
  • Minimizes maintenance activity

Need to Know Info:

  • Creates a scenario where both users can attempt the same action 
  • Requisitions show up in both users’ queues
  • Changes affect only newly created documents, not previously existing ones
  • Settings are performed and visible only within the approver’s profile

Out of Office

A temporary process that forwards emails/actions to another user

  • Retains same roles/privileges as initially set for a limited time period
  • Easy to set and control;  automatically expires

When to Use:

  • Short term need

Need to Know Info:

  • Changes affect only newly created documents, not previously existing ones
  • The settings are performed and visible only within your own profile
  • Automatically expire and reset upon date completion
  • Alternate and OOO together are not compatible

Next Steps

  • Review your current approver levels/flow
    • Next approver, fallback approver, auto-forward timeframe
  • Inform your Alternate or OOO approver of your settings

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