Punchout Catalog FAQs

Get started with Punchout catalogs answering the question Why, What and How of Punchout Catalogs. 


What can I expect from a Punchout Catalog?

 A shopping experience that mirrors the supplier’s e-commerce site. 

      • To access, users select the catalog from their Vroozi Homepage and are immediately directed to the supplier’s shopper page. Once shopping is complete, the supplier’s page closes and items are transferred to their Vroozi cart. (Marketplace or Purchase)
      • Many Punchout Catalogs allow for the electronic transfer of POs, PO acknowledgement, advanced shipment notices and Invoice. (if applicable)


Why would I want a Punchout Catalog?

      • Content is maintained by the supplier.
      • Suppliers can provide real time visibility into price or inventory updates. 
      • Customized to your unique organization with the content and contract pricing. 
      • Supplier hosted sites may offer “Related items” which can help users understand what accessories or companion items are offered.


How do I set up a Punchout Catalog?

Customers are responsible for finalizing the contract and determining what content will go in. Vroozi is responsible for managing the project and integration aspects.

To Get Things Started

      • Confirm the supplier’s punchout capabilities.
      • Supplier Onboarding process may be required. 

Vroozi Can Help!

      • If you don’t have a supplier contact we can step in and connect you with one.
      • The Supplier Solutions team works with the supplier to obtain cXML or OCI punchout requirements, PO and Invoice credentials (if applicable). Our team handles integration connectivity testing, authentication requirements, QA scenarios, cXML error review, codes, etc. 

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