PO Failure

What happens when a PO fails? What are the next steps?

Each time a PO fails the Vroozi system automatically creates a support ticket. Our support team will review the error message and escalate. The escalation will vary based on error type. 

If the PO fails based on a connection error:

The Vroozi team will fix the connection and resend the PO to the supplier. No action is required by either the PO Originator or the Vroozi Administrator. 


If the PO fails due to missing information in Master data, the supplier record or PO line items:

Your Vroozi Administrator may need to make applicable changes to the Master Data set up based on the specific error messages. Once complete, the PO Requester will need to access the original Requisition, create a copy, fix any missing information (if applicable) and then submit the new Requisition. Once the Requisition completes any required approvals, it will now successfully convert to a PO. 


 Download the Grab & Go for further details!

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