Create a User

Create a new user(s) in Vroozi. Users for Vroozi Invoice, Purchase, Sourcing and Purchase Express modules can all be created from this tool.


To create, view or edit a user, access the ‘Users’ from the ‘Master Data’ category in your navigation panel. 


Select the ‘Create a New User' button.  


      1. Complete the 'Basic Information'.
      2. Select User Role. For each Vroozi Module, click the downward arrow to view the specific roles within that category. Please see the User Access Directory for specific details on core role functions and permissions. 
      3. Complete the remaining fields, indicating the Accounting classifications for the user. Classifications listed are based on the accounting string and addresses configured in your Master Data; ‘Addresses’, ‘Organization’ & ‘Accounting’ set up. As you begin typing in each field, the previously creating accounting segments will populate. 
      4. Once all fields are complete, select the blue ‘Save User’ button.


Many user roles can be combined. Those which cannot be combined with a specific role will be grayed out once an incompatible role is selected. 

Within seconds of creation, the new user will receive email notification of their new Vroozi account. 

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