Supplier Portal Roles

What is the difference between the various Supplier roles in the Supplier Portal?

Here's a breakdown of each role:

Administrator: Manages users and company information and complete all transactional flows. 


  • Create new Portal users (if permission is enabled by buying organization)
  • Edit Company Profile
  • Add comments to POs and Invoices
  • Create all transactional documents

Order Processor:  Completes all transactional flows


  • Reject & Confirm POs
  • Create Invoices and ASNs
  • Add comments to POs and Invoices

Content Manager:  Updates catalog content and complete all transactional flows. 


  • Manage Vroozi Catalog content with a single sign on via the Portal.
  • Create Catalogs

  Unable to

  • Approve, publish or delete catalogs. 
  • Make changes to the parent supplier record
  • Before going ‘Live’ any changes to Catalogs will be subject to approval by buying organization users

Download the Grab & Go for further details!

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