Express Workflow Practice

Follow the steps outlined below to practice the Purchase Express workflow. Completion will require access to the Vroozi training environment. 

  • Create a Power Shopper  Login to Vroozi Purchase and navigate to the 'Users' subcategory. Create a Power Shopper. 
    • You will use your email for practice user accounts. To create multiple user logins, use your email with “+shopper” or “+powershopper” inserted after your email name but before @. For example: 
    • For ease of use elect to ‘Use email (address) as Username’. 
    • If you get stuck, reference the Purchase Express Administrator Guide.
  • Create a Shopper  Follow the process defined in the Administrator guide to create a Power Shopper. 
    • Add the shopper to the same Content Group as the one selected for your Power Shopper. 
  • Test your new user logins: Creation of each user will trigger a registration notification to your email account. One at a time, access each email and follow the prompts to create your user account. 
    • SS0 will not be applicable for testing.
    • If you did not receive the email notifications for either user, go back to the user record to confirm the +shopper or +powershopper was inserted between your regular email and the @url. See the administrator guide for additional information.
  • Create a Mapping Rule  Navigate to the Company category where the Power Shoppers subcategory is housed. Create a Mapping Rule titled “Testing” that will trigger assignment. 
    • Assign this Mapping rule to the Power Shopper you created in step 1. 
    • Select a category or supplier that applies to catalogs your users created in Steps 1 and 2 will have access to in their Content Group. 
  • Shop!  Login using your Shopper credentials and select at least 2 items to add to your List. Complete your list and assign to the Power Shopper created in Step 2. 
    • If you get stuck, reference the Shopper Guide
    • If the Power Shopper you created in step 1 does not appear in the drop down, go back to the Administrator login and review your Mapping Rule.
  • Convert List to Cart  Login using your Power Shopper credentials. (Created in Step 1) Reject one item from the Shopper’s list and accept the remaining items. Convert the accepted items to a Cart and select 'Checkout Now'. 
    • Since the training environment is not connected to your external system, once 'Checkout now’ is selected the testing of this workflow will be complete.

Download and print this exercise. 


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