Sourcing Review Roles

Overview of each employee’s role in the Sourcing Review Workflow.


Once a Sourcing rule is configured, requisitions that trigger that sourcing rule will be flagged for review. Before submitting the requisition, Requesters will receive a notification on the Requisition draft letting them know the requisition will go through Sourcing Review. 

While awaiting review, the PR’s status will be displayed as ‘Sourcing Review’. 

Sourcing Approver

Sourcing Approvers will receive email notification when a requisition is ready for review.

Sourcing Approver Dashboard

Any employees with the Sourcing Approver role will be directed to the ‘Approve Requests’ view upon login. 

There are three tabs within this view ’Pending’, ‘Approved’ and ‘Rejected’. The view will default to ‘Pending’.


Take Action

Click the Request # to view details. Once the requisition is opened, Sourcing Approvers will have several options. 

  • Reject
  • Edit (if the global editing option is enabled as shown above)
  • Forward: Assign to another approver.
  • Approve

 Edit a Requisition

  1. Click on the line item to view the General, company, accounting and tax information. Make changes as needed
  2. Select ‘Edit’ to make changes. Then click the description for the line item you wish to edit. 
    • Note:  Permission to edit a requisition is a global setting defined by the Purchase Administrator. If disabled by the administrator, the Edit button will not appear for Sourcing Approvers. 
  3. Select ‘Save Item’. to shave changes. 

Once changes have been made a new message will appear below the navigation option. If changes are incorrect, select ‘Revert all Changes’ to return to the originally submitted requisition. 


Forward Requisition

After review is complete and/or edits have been made, before selecting ‘Approve’ Select ‘Forward’ to enable review by another Sourcing Approver. 


Select ‘Reject’ or ‘Approve’ and enter a Note for the Requester. 

  • Completion of a note is optional
  • Any notes will be viewable from the rejection/approval  email notification the Requester will receive. 

If decision codes are used, Approvers will be asked to select from a predefined list of decision codes. 

Next Steps

The requisition will then either convert to Purchase Order or if Approval Workflow is enabled will be directed to the first Financial Approver. 

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