How to use 'Out of Office'

How to use 'Out of Office'

Design an Out of Office workflow that makes sense for your organization's process’.

Enable Out of Office

Allow your Sourcing and Financial Approvers to manage their Out of Office messaging and if desired designate an approver to act on their behalf for a specified period of time. 

      1. Found in the Master Administrator panel 
        • Documents >Workflows >Request Approval Workflow (toggle on)
      2. Toggle on 'Enable Out of Office for Approvers'


Once enabled, each individual approver can design how to forward their approvals during an absence:

      • Approvers profile with Out of Office toggle:


Select ‘Next Approver’ 

If selected by the Approver the document will be sent to the individual identified as ‘Next Approver’ in the original Approver’s user record. 


Select ‘Specific Approver’

If selected and your organization is using a Staircase approval, you can manually select another approver. 


Select ‘Do Not Forward’

Unless ‘Approval Forwarding’ is enabled as a global setting, an approver can select to hold  approvals until he/she returns to approve. 

Approval Forwarding

Specify the rules for how approval requests should be forwarded.

Administrators can specify the number of days a Requisition* should be allowed to sit dormant with an approver before the system automatically forwards it to the next approver in the chain.

      • The ‘Approval Forwarding’ toggle only applies to Requisitions. All other approval types will not be affected. 


Alternatively, Administrators can specify how many times an Approver should be reminded about a pending request before it is forwarded to the next approver. 

  • Select ‘Number of contact attempts’ 
    • Enter the number of days and intervals between days. 


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