Approve on the Go!

Enable & use your Approver Pin Code to Approve on the Go!

Enable Pin Code:  Found in the ‘Profile Details’, your Pin Code is a 4 digit code that once entered and saved allows Approvers to access, reject and approve requests from their mobile device. 

The pin code can be any 4 number combination. No symbols or letters can be used. Once your pin has been successfully entered, select ‘Save’.


Approve or RejectRequest for Approval notifications will be sent via email. 

Open the notification from your mobile device and simply tap/click the green ‘APPROVE’ or red ‘Reject’ options on the email. 

Enter Pin Code:  Once approval or rejection is selected, the authentication screen will require entry of your 4 digit PIN code.


Rejections will prompt Approvers to complete a note. This may include the reason for the rejection and possible next steps. 

Once Rejection or Approval is complete a confirmation screen will appear.


Don't forget, you can can also download this Grab & Go!

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