Unit of Measure (UOM) template

Template for uploading a bulk list of UOMs to the Vroozi Catalog Module.

    1. Row Number
        • Column Name: ROW_NUMBER (required)
        • Description: Add sequential numbers in each row to uniquely identify each row. These numbers are used to reference these rows in the error report. 
        • Example: 1, 2, 3, etc.
    2. Unique System ID
        • Column Name: UNIQUE_SYSTEM_ID (optional)
        • Description: smartOCI can detect the ERP system that a Shopper is accessing smartOCI from. Each system must have a unique identifier. The system will then perform the necessary data mapping functions, based on the Shopper's identified ERP system. 
        • Example: SAP100, SRM200
    3. UoM Value in Catalog
        • Column Name: SUPPLIER_UOM (required)
        • Description: The unit of measure value used in the catalog load file. 
        • Example: Each, Case, Box
    4. UoM Value to be Mapped to
        • Column Name: COMPANY_UOM (required)
        • Description: The unit of measure value to be sent to the external ERP system upon checking out the smartOCI shopping cart. The SUPPLIER_UOM value is changed to the COMPANY_UOM value
        • Example: EA, CS, BX
        • Column Name: COMMENTS (optional)
        • Description: Comments can be optionally added to any row. These comments are then visible to other Master Administrators on the data mapping screen. 
    6. Description
        • Column Name: DESCRIPTION (optional)
        • Description: Description can be optionally added to any row. This description is displayed next to the COMPANY_UOM values, in the free text order form. 
    7. Display Flag 
        • Column Name: DISPLAY (optional)
        • Description: Rows can be flagged to be displayed, by adding a simple "x" in the DISPLAY field. Rows which are flagged for display, are shown in the free text order form. 
    8. Associated Content Views
        • Column Name: CONTENT_VIEWS (optional)
        • Description: Content Views can optionally be associated with a COMPANY_UOM value, to restrict its availability to Shoppers that have access to the same Content View. If left empty, the corresponding COMPANY_UOM will be visible to all Shoppers in the free text order form. 
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