Requisition Scheduler

Learn more about how to schedule the automatic submission of a Purchase Requisition (PR).


If enabled by your administrator, you can schedule the submission of your for a future date and time. 

On the Requisition Draft select the clock icon before selecting ‘Submit’, select the Clock icon to set Date, Time and Time Zone. 

  1. Date:  Schedule 24 hours to 1 year in advance
    • Must be at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Time: Set specific hour and minutes
  3. Time Zone:  All time zones available
  4. Select ‘Confirm Schedule’
  5. A notification will appear confirming the PR has been successfully scheduled. 
  6. Submit the PR by selecting ‘Submit’ An additional prompt will appear asking employees to verify the PR scheduling details are correct. 

Retrieve & View Scheduled PRs

Employee can retrieve and view a scheduled Requisition in the Request Status category as they would other PRs. 


As with traditional PRs, Employees will receive email notification when a scheduled PR is successfully submitted for approval or to the next steps in the procurement workflow. 

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