Purchase Order Change Request (POCR)

The POCR functionality allows a range of modifications to be made to any existing Purchase Order. 

POCR Settings:

POCR Permissions are set at the administrator level. Through the enablement of global settings administrators can identify which changes or combinations of changes can be made. 

Changes requests can be allowed by:

  • Product type (Service, Material, Blanket, Invoice) 
  • Catalog type (Catalog, Non-Catalog, Mixed)  
  • Type of change:
    • Shipping information
    • Accounting information
    • Add new or delete items
    • Edit existing items in the PO

Create a PO Change Request:

  1. Retrieve the PO requiring a change. Only Purchase Order Change Requests can only be made to POs that are:
    • Confirmed
    • Ordered
  2. Click on the PO # link.
  3. Click on the blue FAB button located in the bottom right corner of the PO display screen
  4. Click ‘Change Order’
  5. The PO is now ready to be edited. Changes are based on your organization's global permissions. 
  6. Once changes have been made select 'Submit'
  7. The change request document generated will go any defined workflow and include a summary change. 
  8. Once any approvals or review are complete, the new version is created and identified as Version 2.  
    • The POCR originator will receive email notification that the POCR is completed and the Requisition has converted to a PO. 
    • The PO history trail will display the POCR approval and creation history.


Download the POCR Grab & Go 

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