Vroozi FAQs

Guide to frequently asked Vroozi questions and troubleshooting how-to's.

General Knowledge 

Compatible Browsers and versions 

  • Internet Explorer:  10*,11* (All versions of IE less than IE 10 are not supported for PMAN)
  • Chrome:  (Version 85.0.4183.83),
  • Chromium:  (Version 81.0.4044.0),
  • Firefox:  (Version 80.0.1)
  • Microsoft Edge:  [Version 85.0.564.51 (64-bit)]



Please review these FAQs with troubleshooting tips before placing a Helpdesk ticket with the Vroozi Support team.

Tickets to Vroozi Support team should include your answers to the Triage Questions below. 

Don’t forget you can often find answers to your questions in our Vroozi Library  https://vroozi.zendesk.com.

Help Network

Vroozi Support Ticket Form:


Training Services &Questions: Training@vroozi.com

Customer Success: Success@vroozi.com

Help Desk "Triage" Questions

To aid in a successful and timely resolution, answers to the questions below and any troubleshooting already attempted should be provided in escalation to the Vroozi Support Team

  • What type of device are you using? (Windows, Mac, tablet, etc)
  • What browser & version are you using (Chrome, FIrefox, IE 10, etc)
  • What is your login/connection type (username, email, SSO)
  • What product are you using  (PMan, SmartOCI, etc
  • What roles/permissions do you have?
  • What document/process type are you doing (PR, PO, GR, Inv, approval, etc)?
  • Is the product not functioning or functioning incorrectly?
      • Example of Not Functioning "I can't enter a PR" 
      • Example of Functioning Incorrectly "the quantity doesn't match"
  • Did you use any KB or Help tools that caused problems/confusion?
  • What is the severity of the problem (in accord with published guidelines)?


I’ve been locked out/My Password isn’t working.

  • Please reach out to your administrator who can trigger a password reset for you. 

My requisitions aren’t going to the correct person for approval.

  • Please reach out to your administrator who can update the approver listed in your account. 

I need to have an item added to a catalog. 

  • Please see your catalog administrator or content team regarding the item you would like to have added. Alternatively, you may choose to create a Non-Catalog order for the item. 

Updated 12/31/2020

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