Purchase Manager Release Information 11/23/2016

What’s New

Shopper UI Features

  1. When the Shopper places an item into the Shopping Cart or a Favorites List, it will display a larger vendor logo. This makes it easier for the user to view and identify the Supplier of the item.
  2. Searchability has been improved on the Admin Panel, Profile page, and the Line Item Detail page. Upon clicking on the selected field, users will see a list of available options that filters as the user types inside the box. Users also have the availability to select a desired option from the drop down menu that appears.

Admin UI Features

  1. When creating a Cost Object in the Admin Panel, the Description field was previously not required. The Cost Object Description now is now a mandatory field. 

Fixed Issues

Shopper UI Fixes

  1. While using the Document Flow feature, the line item detail would not display accurately. This has been fixed, and line item information and detail can be viewed in the Document Flow properly.
  2. While using the Bulk Item Upload feature, all Unit Prices of items would be '0', and all Line Item Quantities would display '1'. This has been fixed, and now the proper Prices and Quantities are displayed.

Admin UI Fixes

  1. The system was generating a message when an Admin user would attempt to create a Goods Receipt against a PO, when Buy Route was enabled. This has been fixed, and successfully creates a Goods Receipt when via Buy Route.
  2. Previously, there were issues when an Administrator was attempting to upload the Bulk Supplier template. This has been fixed, and now the Supplier Bulk Upload can be executed successfully the first time.
  3. For those customers that use both smartOCI and Purchase Manager, some changed made to the Supplier Record in smartOCI would not be displayed in Purchase Manager. This has been repaired, and both systems display the same information correctly.


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