smartOCI V2 Release Information - 11/23/2016

What’s New

Admin UI Features

  1. Administrators are now able to download all catalog content in a single Zip that contains individual CSV files.
  2. When downloading the Supplier Catalogs, the performance is enhanced and the downloads are consistent every time.
  3. The Supplier ID Mapping Download sheet has been enhanced by adding additional data like Supplier Names and other similar fields.
  4. There has been an improvement to the Master Data element allowing the the input of a Supplier Name. This also gives the Administrator the ability to export the Unique Supplier ID sheet to include ALL Suppliers in Excel format. 

Fixed Issues

Shopper UI Fixes

  1. Images that were uploaded as a URL are not displaying properly in the Quote Carousel. This has been fixed and now the images are displaying as intended.
  2. After dismissing all Announcements on the Shopper UI, this area would still be displayed. This has been fixed, and all Announcements as well as the header area are able to be dismissed by Shopper Users.

Admin UI Fixes

  1. When selecting the Country Name in the Admin Panel, while using the Tab button, it would blank out the State selection. This has been fixed and now the Country and State fields are displayed properly when using the Tab button.
  2. Previously, there were issues when editing a Catalog in the Approved Column when it already had an existing editable Catalog of a different version in the Working Column. This has been fixed and Administrators are able to edit Catalogs in the Approved Column without problem.
  3. The text displayed in the Content View button and Navigation Areas were skewed in display. This has been repaired, and the text is now centered and framed properly.
  4. When trying to create a Content View and assign it to a Catalog, it would not be properly created. This has been fixed, and now the Content View is created and assigned correctly.


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