Purchase Manager Release Information 10/25/2016

What’s New

Admin UI Features

  1. For certain Purchase Manager customers, Request Types including Product, Service, Blanket, and Invoice Plan can be resubmitted after rejection. This is configurable within the Administration Panel under Document Settings.
  2. For certain Purchase Manager customers, the Administrator is now able to make a Service Part Number required or hidden for the Requester creating the Service Free Text Request. This Service Part Number will integrate and be communicated to the external ERP system.
  3. For certain Purchase Manager customers, the Administrator is able to configure Level II Punchout Items within the template to suppress, or hide the price of the item within the internal catalog.

All-User Features

  1. The WBSE type-ahead field search function has been enhanced to improve speed and performance.
  2. The Forward Request button on a Purchase Request is no longer available for Request Approvers. The forward button now only appears for Sourcing Review users.
  3. Users are able to edit their shipping addresses in the My Data Tab instead of having to create a new one to fix a mistake. This can also be executed directly on the Purchase Request itself.

Fixed Issues

Shopper UI Fixes

  1. The system previously generated a message when trying to return a line item with a decimal in the quantity area. This has since been fixed, and decimal quantities are able to be returned without a warning message.

All-User Fixes

  1. Previously, when a user attempted to copy a request that was not originally created by them, this would redirect them to the Login page. This has been fixed, and the copy request button is now only available to the appropriate users.
  2. The Document Flow quick view was not accurately mapping the company code and purchasing group fields values over from the Purchase Order. This has been fixed, and fields are being correctly mapped.


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