Purchase Manager Release Information 09/14/2016

What’s New

Buy Route

Companies are now able to route purchase order to the appropriate buyers based on the following criteria: categories, supplier and default buyer group. Buyer user roles can directly create Purchase Orders on the fly. Buyers can create Purchase Orders directly from Purchase Request items that are ready to be sourced.


Companies have the ability to define budgets for individual Cost Objects. Purchase Manager can issue appropriate alerts at the right time letting users know the status of their budgets. Users are given insight to the current budget status for the individual Cost Objects being used.

Admin UI Features

1. Administrators have the ability to configure line item fields for Requesters and Buyers. The available three configurations include 1) making a field required, 2) hiding a field, and 3) making a field optional.
2. For certain customers with Purchase Manager customizations, the Administrator will now be able create automatic rejection rules for Purchase Requests. Administrators can create, configure, and edit these rules directly from the Configuration Table under the Administration Configuration Settings area.
3. Administrators are now able to enable, disable and configure the Budget Panel in the Company Settings area. Depending on the settings chosen by the Administrator, is how Budget will appear to Purchase Manager users for their organization.

Buyer UI Features

1. When a buyer is amending a PO and changing or editing a line item, the budget validation overview will appear.
2. Buyers have the ability to manually create a Purchase Order without a Requester creating an initial Purchase Request as a prerequisite.
3. When a Purchase Order is being created, the Buyer has the ability to designate different ship-to addresses by line item. These separate addresses will create different PO numbers corresponding to each address, even when the line items going to different addresses are coming from the same vendor.
4. When Requesters create a Free Text Line Item Request for approval, Buyers receive an automatically generated "Ready for Sourcing" email notification.
5. On the Ready for Sourcing page, the Buyer has the ability to delete line items that are no longer needed. When deleting line items, there is a warning message asking the Buyer to confirm the permanent removal of that line item to prevent accidental deletion.
6. The Buyer is able to create a Purchase Order directly from the Ready for Sourcing page. The line items on this page have been previously created by a Requester for review. To create a PO from the pending list of requested items, the Buyer selects one or more line items by checking the boxes, and clicks the Prepare Purchase Order button. From here, Buyers are able to fill out any additional information and finish creating the PO.

Approver UI Features

1. The approval email automatically generated by Purchase Manager when an approver needs to review a pending request, now includes a budget overview.

Fixed Issues

Shopper UI Fixes

1. While viewing the Invoice document page, the Purchase Order linked numbers were not displaying in the Related Document area. This has been fixed, and now PO number information can be viewed and clicked into for additional detail.

Approver UI Fixes

1. Previously, when the Approver of a Purchase Request would click the Approve button on the approval email more than once, multiple Purchase Orders would be generated, causing unwanted duplicate orders. This has been fixed, and regardless of how many times the Approver clicks the Approve button on the email, only the intended Purchase Order number(s) are sent to the corresponding vendor(s).

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