How do I create a Free Text Request?

1. Click the Create Request button.
2. Change the Request Name to differentiate this request from others. (Optional)
3. Verify the Shipping Address.
4. Click the Add Line Item button. A new window pops up.
5. Fill out all of the required fields including:

a. General Information (Click Show Optional Fields)
i. Type (either product or service)
ii. Category
iii. Description
iv. Unit Price / Service Price (DO NOT use commas or dollar signs $)
v. Currency (defaulted)
vi. Quantity
vii. UoM (Unit of Measurement, defaulted)
viii. Recommended Supplier—type the supplier’s name and select it from the drop down menu
ix. Part No. (Required for Free Text Request to EDI Suppliers—Medline, Network Services, Office Depot,
x. Delivery Date/Service Period (for product, this date defaults to 30 days out, but does not affect your
actual delivery date)
6. Add an attachment with supporting documentation if required (CapEx purchases)
7. Enter any notes for your approver. (Optional)
8. Click the Submit Request button.

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