smartOCI V2 Release Information - 04/16/2016

What’s New?

Admin UI Fixes

1. While editing a catalog in the Catalog Management area by uploading the complete catalog spreadsheet, Administrators were not able to successfully overwrite previously uploaded data. This has been fixed, and now users are able to overwrite the catalog to reflect the desired changes.
2. While in the Data Mapping tab, if a user had no data listed in any of the sub-tabs, they would receive a spinning wheel indefinitely when clicking the Download Processed Data link. The sub-tabs include Category, Supplier ID, Content Access, Unit of Measure and Currency. This has been fixed, and now when the Download link is clicked, but no data is present, the system will download a blank template reflecting the correct information.
3. While executing a catalog search within the catalog management system and the search results contain more than one page, clicking the next page arrow would reset the search parameters. The user would be unable to view results after page 1. This has been fixed, and now the catalog search functions correctly, and all pages can be viewed with the defined search parameters.
4. When users with access to the Admin UI are made inactive, they were still receiving catalog-related email notifications. This has been fixed, and now only active Administrators and Approvers receive catalog email notifications.


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