Understanding the Setup Process (Admins Only)

During the setup process, you will configure several items in smartOCI, including:
 External ERP Systems: To specify which external Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems shoppers will use to access your smartOCI instance.

 Suppliers: To specify basic information about the suppliers that you company orders from.

 Categories: To determine how the suppliers’ product information is categorized and presented to shoppers in your system.

 Content Views: To group catalogs into logical sets. (i.e. one Content View is set for the North American region, another is for the APAC users, etc.)

 Content Groups: To set up which Content Views will be accessible by which shoppers.

 Users: To specify who can access the system, what actions they can perform, and what catalog content they can access.

 Catalogs: To provide the catalog content that will be available for cross-catalog searching and shopping. Internal Catalogs can be loaded form files that the suppliers provide. Internal Catalogs can also be linked to External (aka Punchout) Catalogs. Once catalogs are added to smartOCI, the designated Approver is notified to approve the content if approval workflow is applicable. After the catalog is approved, the Administrator is able to publish the catalog.

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