Administrator Homepage Anatomy (Admins Only)

1. Your Logo Icon: Clicking on it brings you back to the landing page of smartOCI.
2. Search Bar: You are able to search across catalogs and catalog content.
3. Your Name/Account: Your account gives you access to your personal Preferences, Messages, and Help. This is also where you are able to and sign out.
4. Settings: Allows you to configure your Company Settings for items such as Homepage Cards and images.
5. Shopper View: Clicking on the Shopper View button will take the Administrator to the Shopper User Interface (UI). This user will be subject to their assigned Content Views, which determine what content they are able to see. Users can use this functionality to review loaded catalog content as it would appear to a Shopper. This Shopper View is meant to be used as a read-only function, as users are not able to check out their Shopping Cart contents to an external ERP system.
6. Content Manager: Gives access, creation and editing rights to Catalog Management and Content Views.
7. Company Users: Where all User Management activities take place, like user creation, activation, deactivation, and deletion.
8. Data Mapping: This is a module that is used to configure the Data Mapping for external ERP from smartOCI. Only Master Administrators have access to this area.
9. Suppliers: Where all Supplier Management activities take place like defining Attributes, and uploading suppliers.
10. Homepage Cards/Announcements: There are several types of Homepage Cards available and must be created by the Master Administrator. These cards provide the user with insight into various sections of smartOCI
11. Summary: An overview of your company’s catalog, supplier, and user statistics.

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