Navigation Elements (Admins Only)

This section outlines navigation skills that will improve your smartOCI experience.
 Breadcrumbs: Show the location to where you at currently at in the system. All Breadcrumb elements are linked, so you are able to click on any element of the Breadcrumb path and navigate to the higher level page.


 Search Within: This function is available in lists with large numbers of items, like the User Management screen. If there are hundreds or thousands of items in a list and you want to edit one specific item, enter the name of the item and click the search button. A filtered list of items will appear in the grid.

 Sorting (Column Headers): The arrow icon indicated what column is currently being used to sort the table data. The direction of the arrow determines whether the sort order is ascending or descending. To sort by a different column, click that column header. To change the sorting order, click the sorting arrow.


 Select All: To select all items in a table, check the box in the header row.


 Modification Tracking: The Created On and Created By fields indicate when the catalog was created, and by which user. The Updated On and Updated by fields in the catalog Summary panel indicate the time of the most recent modification and the name of the user who executed that modification.

 Warning & Error Messages: When it needs to alert you to a problem or error, smartOCI displays the relevant error message right below the field in question, or it pops up as a dialog box.

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