Ordered Goods Return

If you need to return a product that was delivered for any reason, you must first create a Goods Receipt for those items before initiating a return in the system. Only after the products have been received, can they be returned in Purchase Manager. Keep in mind that any return arrangements of the items must be made directly with the vendor. The system does not communicate issues back to the supplier.

Another return scenario is to correct a mistake when keying in a Goods Receipt. If an incorrect quantity is typed in when submitting the Goods Receipt, there is no delete or edit button. In this case, you are able to self-correct by initiating a return to compensate for the error. Then, create a subsequent Goods Receipt only for that Line Item with the correct quantity.

  1. First, create a Goods Receipt for the item(s) you would like to return. This is required before proceeding to the next step. For more information of how to do this, see the Create a Goods Receipt
  2. From the Homepage, click the Receipt Status icon on the blue navigation bar.


  1. Click on the Received status area.
  2. Search for and locate the PO Number of the item(s) you would like to return. Next to it, click the Arrow icon in the Actions You will automatically be navigated to the Create Goods Return page.
  1. Enter the RMA Number and/or Packing Slip This is optional.
  2. If there is any explanation needed, type in any relevant Comments to the Goods Return.

  3. Review the Line Item Overview and enter the Qty Returned. You also have the option to Return All of the line items. A red message will pop up prompting a Reason for Return.
  4. Select a Reason, from the drop down menu for each product being returned. Once the minimum requirements are met, the red Reason for Return notification will disappear.
  5. Click the Confirm Goods Returned
  6. A pop up will ask you if you’re sure you would like to Confirm the Receipt Return. Click the OK (not pictured) Once a product is returned, the PO will appear in Ready to Receive tab if a replacement for the return is issued.

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