Create an Internal Catalog Request

This section outlines how to create a request using the search functionality to find available items in Internal Catalogs. Internal Catalogs are those that are uploaded by your organization into Purchase Manager. The search bar allows you to search across multiple vendors. It does not allow you to specifically search across items in one catalog, but you may use the vendor filtering function after you have executed the search.

  1. From the Homepage, enter your search term, and click the magnifying glass icon to execute the search. Alternatively, you can search by vendor by clicking on the icon from the Homepage, and proceed to add items from that supplier to your Cart.

    TIP! The search can be a specific item ID (NON026330) or a keyword, like “gloves” or “Swingline Stapler.” This will search across all Internal Catalog vendors for available items. 

  2. Locate the desired item. Amend the Quantity if needed.

  3. Click the Add to Cart button. The item will be added to Cart.

  4. Repeat the search process (steps 1-3) until all desired items are added.

  5. Once you have added all of your items, click the Cart icon at the top right of the screen. You will be able to view the items in your cart, organized by vendor.          
  6. You now have the choice to either (a) add the items to an existing draft request, or (b) Create a New Request. Depending on your preferences, follow the corresponding instructions below:

    a. To add to an existing request: use the drop down menu to select from your draft Requests.

    b. To add the items to a new request: select Create New Request option.

  7. Click the Move to Request button. You will be redirected to the Create Purchase Request screen.  

  8. The Request Name is defaulted to your name plus the Request Number—it is optional, but recommended, to input more information about the request, i.e. “monthly office supply order,” a project reference, or vendor name(s).    
  9. The Requester area defaults to your own name. If you are buying on behalf of someone else, enter their name. Approvers will be able to see that you have placed the Request on that person’s behalf.    
  10. Verify the defaulted Shipping Address. See the Change Shipping Address section for more information on how to change the address.     
  11. Enter the Reason for Request. This is optional.     
  12. Scroll down to reveal the Line Item Overview.
  13. Verify the contents of the request in the Line Item Overview.   
  14. If there are red line item notifications and any of the items are highlighted orange, this means that additional line item data needs to be defined. Click the linked item Description to view the line item details. If none of the line items are highlighted orange, go to the next step.
  15. Input any notes for the approver or supplier. This is optional 
  16. Click the Submit Request button.
  17. You will receive a “request submitted” notification at the top of the screen (not pictured). Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.
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