Check Request Detail & Follow-On Documents

To view more information about an individual request, start by following the instructions of the previous section to navigate to the Request Status area. Information like document numbers, notes, and where the request is in the approvals queue are available to view.

  1. Navigate to the request you would like to view. Click on the blue Request Number link. (not pictured)
  2. The request detail screen will appear.
    1. Request Status: At the top right corner, the status of your request is displayed. The possible statuses include Draft, Pending, Sourcing Review, Approved, and Rejected. Sourcing Review requests are classified as Pending requests because they have been submitted, but have not yet been approved. See the Creating a Non-Catalog Request over 50K section for more details.
    2. Approval Status button: This area indicates where the request is in the approval queue or Sourcing Review. By clicking this button, a pop-up box will appear to show the workflow approval for the request based on the CAM Matrix. It also displays a timeline of events and an escalation path if your request was not approved after 3 days.
    3. Line Items: Each line item is linked to view detail information. If this request was rejected, you are able to amend the line items and resubmit for approval.
    4. Attachments: Even after the Request is submitted, you will have visibility of all Request attachments.
    5. Notes from Approver: Approvers are able to leave notes for the requester. Reason for rejection is a common example of approver notes.
    6. Notes from Supplier: Some suppliers are able to write notes to the requester. You are able to view them in this area.
    7. Document Number: If the request has been approved, this area will reflect the PO number(s). Follow on documents like Goods Receipts will also be displayed when you click on the PO number.
    8. Copy Request: This function that duplicates the request for submission. See the Duplicate Request section for more information.
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