Change the Shipping Address

The Shipping Address for all Requests is defaulted based on your set Profile Information. However, this information can be updated on a request by request basis. Please verify with your organization’s Administrator if you need to update any accounting information before changing the Shipping Address.

This section describes how to update the Address Information at the Request level. If you would like to start from the request process from the Homepage, refer to additional Create a Request sections.

  1. From the Create Purchase Request screen, click the Pencil Edit icon next to shipping address. The Edit Address window will pop up prompting you to fill out new address information. If this is an address you have used before, go directly to the TIP! after instruction #5.
  1. Fill out all of the following fields. (not pictured)
    • Address Name: Fill out a short reference nickname for the address. (Required)
    • Attention To: This is the name of the person or group receiving the shipment or service, if needed.
    • Country: This is defaulted to your organization’s information. (Required)
    • Street: Enter the street address. (Required)
    • Street 2, Building, Room, Floor, Phone, Email: Optional fields.
    • City: Enter the name of the city. (Required)
    • Zip: Enter the zip code information. (Required)
    • State: Select the state using the drop down menu. (Required)
    • Phone & Email: Enter your Phone Number & Corporate Email contact info. (Required) 


  1. Once the address has been updated, select the option Save and add copy to My Addresses
  2. Click the Save Address
  3. You will be returned to the Create Purchase Request screen with your new address information populated on the Request. (not pictured)

TIP! For future use of a saved address, simply start typing in the Address Name in the Shipping Address text box (“Warehouse Address” in this example). This allows you to access a selection of addresses you have saved in the past.

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