Duplicate (Copy) a Request

Once a Request has been approved, you have the ability to duplicate, or “copy” this request and submit it as a new Request for approval. This function is time-saving for large recurring orders because you do not have to search for the line items again. Once copied, you are able to add or delete Line Items to tailor the request to your needs at that time.

Pending and approved Requests with line items from internal catalogs may be copied, and the system will validate the pricing before submission. However, Punchout catalog line items cannot be copied because the price checking function is not available for external websites. 

For more detailed information about how to complete purchase requests after the duplication process, see at previous Create Request sections.

  1. First, you must locate the approved request to duplicate. From the Homepage, click the Request Status icon on the blue navigation bar. The Request Status page will appear.                                                                                                                           
  2. From this page, you are able to view your requests by status. Click on Approved or Pending
  3. Locate the request you would like to copy and click the Duplicate Request icon (stacked papers on the right side) to begin the process. You may preview this request beforehand by clinking into the linked Request Number. 
  4. A new Request Number will be created containing the same items and Accounting and Tax information defined in the original request. (not pictured)
  5. Verify the correctness of the new Purchase Request and update the information if needed.
  6. You are able to customize your newly copied Request using the available functions within the request like adding or removing line items, updating quantities, adding attachments, and updating the accounting sections. See the Create a Request sections for more details.
  7. Once the data and notes for the copied request are updated and verified, Save the request or Submit it for approval. (not pictured)
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