Cart vs. Request

The Cart and Request creation functionalities are two separate but related functions of Purchase Manager. The following section describes the differences between the two processes.

The Cart is the first document created in the purchasing process for Catalog purchases. Just like a physical shopping cart, this is a document that holds all of the items you would like to order until you are ready to check out.

In the Cart, you can add, remove, or edit the quantities of the items you have selected. Once you are ready to check out, or submit your request, just click on Move to Request or select an existing request, where you can review it and submit for approval.Request
The request contains all of the information necessary for an order to be submitted and fulfilled by the supplier(s). Prior to submission, you can add, remove, or edit the items you have created or selected. Once submitting the request, it becomes the final document that will be sent for approval and will ultimately be what the Purchase Order is based on.

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