Homepage Anatomy

  1. Your First Name and Initials: The drop down menu here reveals your Profile, My Data, as well as the Logout icon.
  2. Create Request: Where to create a free text, non-catalog request.
  3. Request Status: Where to check the status of your request; a history of your requests.
  4. PO Status: Where to check the status of your PO; a history of Approved Requests that now have associated PO Document Numbers.
  5. Receipt Status: Where to create Goods Receipts and returns.
  6. Document Flow: Where to look up and view the status and associated records for any type of document. This feature also provides a visual diagram representation of how Related Documents are interconnected with each other.
  7. Your Logo Icon: Brings you back to the landing page of Purchase Manager.
  8. Categories Menu: Allows you to narrow down your search to specific categories when searching for Internal Catalog items. Used in combination with the Search Bar.
  9. Search Bar: Where to search for internal catalog items by keyword(s) or item ID.
  10. Lists: A personalized list of frequently requested items from the Internal Catalog that you have organized and saved for use on future requests.
  11. Cart: A “holding area” for catalog items that can be placed into an existing draft request or converted into a new request.
  12. Recently Viewed Widget: A history of Internal Catalog items that you have searched for, and clicked on to view the item detail.
  13. Recent Requests Widget: A history of your five latest requests.
  14. Catalog Suppliers: A list of all approved catalogs for your organizational group based on regional availability. This includes both Internal and Punchout suppliers.
  15. Purchase Document Stats: Statistics that reflect your personal purchasing data.
  16. Notifications (Bell Icon): Messages from your Administrator that are relevant to your region or group.
  17. Help (Book Icon): Access to Zendesk, which includes the self-help knowledge base and the ability to submit a request to the Vroozi Helpdesk.
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