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Before executing any task in Vroozi Purchase Manager, it is mandatory that you enter and/or verify your Profile Information. If you do not have this information set, you will not be able to submit Purchase Requests due to missing information-related errors. Depending on your organization, The Profile Information may already be populated for you. However, it is still important to check the correctness of this data.

  1. From the Homepage, click your name to reveal a drop down menu on the top left of the screen. 
  2. Enter the User Information with your Contact Title and Telephone Number. Adding your personalized avatar or Profile Picture is optional.
  3. Only if you are an Approver, do you need to create a 4 digit numeric PIN Code. This will enable you to approve or reject Pending Requests directly from email or smartphone.
  4. Once the desired changes are made, click the Save button.            
  5. Scroll down, and verify the Document Defaults, like the default Cost Center, Currency and Company Code. Depending on your organization’s protocols, the Document Default drop down options may vary from what is pictured.
  6. If it has not already been populated, click the Create Address button to set up your Default Address for the first time.1. Enter in all of the required Address information.
    2. Click the Save Address button. Your Default Shipping Address has been set.


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