Create a Subsequent Partial Goods Receipt

After a partial Goods Receipt is executed, the document remains in the Ready to Receive status area. When the remaining products are delivered, a Subsequent Partial Goods Receipt will need to be entered in the system. This may need to happen more than once until fulfillment.
1. From the Homepage, click the Receipt Status icon on the blue navigation bar.


2. Verify that you are in the Ready to Receive status area.
3. Locate the PO Number of the partially-confirmed request you would like to receive next to the pie icon. Click the truck icon in the Actions column located next to the PO Number. You will automatically be navigated to the Create Goods Receipt page.

4. Enter the Bill of Lading and/or Packing Slip information. This is optional.
5. If needed, add any Comments to the Goods Receipt.
6. Review the Line Item Overview and compare it to what product quantities were delivered.
7. Type in the number of each item you received or click the Receive All button if you have received all of the items missing from the PO.
8. Click the Confirm Receipt button. This Goods Receipt document will be recorded in the Received status area as historical data. (not pictured)

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