Create a PunchOut Catalog Request

Punchout Catalogs, like Internal Catalogs can be used to add items to the cart or request. When using Punchouts, you are redirected away from Purchase Manager to the vendor website to search and select items. The instructions below show how to recognize a Punchout catalog, as well as how to use it to add items to the cart and proceed to request submission. Keep in mind that a supplier can be both a Punchout as well as an Internal Catalog within Purchase Manager.

  1. From the Homepage, locate the Punchout Catalog under the Catalog Supplier
  2. Look at the supplier to reveal an arrow icon, indicating the catalog is a Punchout catalog. If the supplier only displays a book icon, then it is an Internal Catalog.
  3. Click on the arrow icon of the Punchout catalog supplier. A new window will pop up.

TIP! You may need to disable pop-up blockers depending on your browser settings.

  1. Search for items in the vendor website and add them to the cart. Each supplier environment is different, and will have varying features and functionalities. (not pictured)
  2. Checkout of the vendor website by clicking the “submit” or “transfer your order”-type button. The exact wording of the function varies by vendor. (not pictured) Your items from the Punchout will be pulled into your Cart in Purchase Manager.

  3. In the Purchase Manager Cart, you now have the choice to either (a) add the items to an existing draft request, or (b) Create a New Request. Depending on your preferences, follow the corresponding instructions below:

    a) To add to an existing request: use the drop down menu to select from your draft Requests.
    b) To add the items to a new request: select Create New Request option.
  1. Click the Move to Request You will be redirected to the Create Purchase Request screen.
  2. The Request Name is defaulted to your name plus the Request Number—it is optional, but recommended, to rename this request to something more recognizable.
  3. The Requester area defaults to your own name. If you are buying on behalf of someone else, enter their name. Approvers will be able to see that you have placed the Request on that person’s behalf.
  4. Verify the defaulted Shipping Address. See the Change Shipping Address section for more information on how to change the address.

  5. Enter the Reason for Request. This is optional.
  6. Review the contents of the request in the Line Item Overview. Catalog-only requests usually have all of the required information defaulted, so typically no additional data needs to be entered by line item. (not pictured)
  7. Input any notes for the approver or supplier. This is optional.
  8. Click the Submit Request button.
  9. You will receive a “request submitted” notification at the top of the screen (not pictured). Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.




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