Add an Attachment

While in the Create Purchase Request screen, you have the ability to add attachments to the purchase requests up to 100MB in size. All major file formats are accepted.

Attachments are not required when creating catalog requests, but may be mandatory for Non-Catalog Free Text Requests depending on your company’s administrative configurations. Please note that attachments will be able to be viewed internally, but not by the supplier. 

This section addresses how to add attachments after line items have already been selected or created. If you would like to start from the request process from the Homepage, refer to additional Create a Request sections.

  1. From the Create Purchase Request screen, click the Add Attachment button to add an attachment to the header level, or the paper clip icon to add it to the Line Item It’s not necessary to add attachments in both places.
  1. An attachment pop up window will appear. (not pictured) Follow your computer’s prompts to add the attachment. A green “success” notification will flash on the screen, and the attachment will display.
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