Duplicate (Copy) A Line Item

This section describes how to use the duplicate function as an alternative to the Add Line Item button when adding line items to a request. The copy functionality is applicable for both Free Text, Non-Catalog and Catalog Line Items.  If you would like to start from the request process from the Homepage, refer to additional sections of the Create a Request chapter.

  1. From the Create a Request screen, find the line item you would like to duplicate, and click the copy (paper) icon on the right. Your line item will be duplicated.
  2. To update the information like Description, Accounting, and Quantity, click on the linked Description of the line item.
  3. The Line Item Detail screen will open up. Make the necessary changes to the Line Item. (not pictured)
  4. Click the Save Item (not pictured) Your updates will reflect in the Line Item Overview like the example below.
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