smartOCI v2 Release Information - 07/05/2014

smartOCI v2 Release Information - 07/05/2014

Vroozi is pleased to announce the release of smartOCI™ Admin version 2.2.100 and smartOCI™ Shopper version 2.2.100 with the highlights presented below. We encourage you to tell us what you think by using this feedback form or by emailing us at

What's New

    • General Enhancements
      • Support for external ERP systems which use the cXML protocol.
    • Admin UI Features
      • Master Administrators can configure smartOCI to work with multiple external systems using the OCI or cXML communication protocol in the Company Settings section.
      • Enhancements to the mapping controls section on the Company Settings screen.
      • Unit of Measure (UOM) mapping table implemented in the smartOCI Data Mapping module. This feature works similarly to the Supplier ID mapping functionality and can pass client-specific Units of Measure upon checkout from smartOCI.
      • Added the Unique System ID and Comments columns to the mapping tables in the Data Mapping.
      • Master Administrators can now define specific data mappings for any of the external ERP systems configured in their smartOCI account, using the ERP system’s Unique System ID
    • Shopper UI Features
      • smartOCI’s data mapping functionality has been enhanced to be system aware. The application sends the correctly formatted data upon checkout, based on the shopper’s originating system.

Fixed Issues

    • Pagination controls across the smartOCI Shopper UI. Paging forward to the next screen no longer discards any selections made on the previous screen.
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