smartOCI v2 Release Information - 03/15/2014

smartOCI v2 Release Information - 03/15/2014

Vroozi is pleased to announce the release of smartOCI™ Admin version 2.1.169 and smartOCI™ Shopper version 2.1.215 with the highlights presented below. We encourage you to tell us what you think by using this feedback form or by emailing us at

What's New

    • Shopper UI Features
      • Improved support for URLs in “Fixed” type custom fields. If a URL is provided, Shoppers will now see a “Click Here” hyperlink, taking them to the provided web address.
    • Admin UI Features
      • Custom field labels can now be passed on to SRM, along with their values, when checking out from smartOCI.
      • All delete operations, across the Admin UI, now require user confirmation.
      • The system now provides a partial error report when a catalog contains more than 500 items. This report can be used as a guide to fix any issues with the catalog data.
      • General improvements to system notifications.

Fixed Issues

    • The Vendor part number & manufacturer part number are now visible on the search results in all supported browsers.
    • Fixed issues with the error reports produced, when catalogs are updated using the “Merge & Update” method. Previously, the error reports could, on occasion, report an incorrect number of items.
    • Fixed issues with managing saved searches on the Shopper UI.
    • Catalog export notifications are now displayed to the requesting user, along with the master administrators.
    • Fixed issues with catalog notifications.
    • Fixed issues with syncing data between the Supplier Management module and the Data Mapping module.
    • Fixed a bug, where catalogs could previously specify an item’s Minimum Order Quantity as fractions. Item Minimum Order Quantity can now only be specified as whole numbers.
    • General UI issues and bugs have been fixed.
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