Assign or Park Invoice

Task Performed by: AP Processor, AP Manager

  1. Create a brand new Invoice or open up an existing Invoice in ‘Draft’ status on the ‘Create/Edit Invoice’ page.                                                 
  2. Enter the requisite data on the ‘Create/Edit’ Invoice page. This step is optional. You will be able to ‘Assign’ or ‘Park’ an Invoice even without entering any data on the Invoice.      
  3. Click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will be able to see ‘Assign’ and ‘Park’, along with other options (if applicable). If you choose to ‘Assign’ an Invoice to another AP Processor or Manager, select the name of the AP Processor or Manager that you would like to assign it to, from the drop-down list. If you choose to ‘Park’ the Invoice, it will not require you to shortlist another AP User.
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