Create a New Invoice Not Associated to Vroozi PO

Task Performed by: AP Processor, AP Manager

  1. From the Homepage, click on ‘Create Invoice’ on the blue navigation bar and then upload an Invoice document from your computer on the ‘Create Invoice’ page.                                                                                                                                                                             OR                                                            On the Inbox page, click on any e-mail (on the ‘Sent By’ field) on ‘Incoming Invoices’ (also referred to as the ‘Hopper’) and select the Invoice document to be attached to the Invoice after previewing Invoices on the ‘Preview’ page.
  2. Manually fill out all the fields on the ‘Create Invoice’ page -- Company Code, Supplier, Supplier Invoice #, Invoice Date, Payment Terms (if not already set), Payment Due Date, Shipping Charges (optional), Tax (optional), line item info, Notes About Invoice (optional), and Invoice Total.         
  3. Click on ‘Save’ or ‘Submit’ button.
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